Here we go!

I thought that title sounds a bit like a carnival ride. Not that I like carnival rides all that much (vertigo), but sometimes my life feels like one!!

Here is where I get to tell you all how much I LOVE being a mom to my beautiful children! There are 5 of them! My oldest is 20. She serves our country in the U.S. Navy! My next one (and only son) is 16 and is in high school. He recently received his driver’s license (he is a very safe driver, thank you very much). Next I have a daughter who is about to turn 12 (more like 12 going on 25!). Then, there is my 8 1/2 year old. She is a soft-hearted little girl who wants to “save” every animal who crosses her path! The last, but DEFINITELY not least, is my 6 year old. Let me say this about her…. she will NOT be left out of anything and she is a SPITFIRE! 

I also have 3 stepsons! The oldest, I am sorry to say, is not in touch with us and sadly, I do not know where he is, but I pray for him often. Then I have a 29 year old “step” who lives in Virginia. He works up on the cell towers (and is obviously NOT afraid of heights!). Then is my 21 year old “step” who also serves our country in the U.S. Marines! I am very proud of these young men and I hope I will get to see them soon!

We live in a state where the cows outnumber the people. I have been late getting places because I had to pull over to allow a herd of sheep to pass. I’ll blog about that another time and post some pictures. 

When I was in second grade, I had to write about what I wanted to be when I grew up. Well, I won’t confess to having “grown up”, but I always wanted to be a mom and a nurse. If you haven’t already figured it out, yes, I am both. It wasn’t always easy and at one point, my husband and I finally said “enough”. Too much is truly too much! Now I work one day a week as a nurse at a crisis pregnancy center and the rest of my time is devoted to being “Mo’s wife” and “their mom” (2 of my favorite titles). 

I pray for my friends and family daily ~ or more often! I want to live my life for Christ and please Him. Living for anything else in this world is a mute point. One of my favorite websites is as I can look up any verse in most any version ANYTIME! 🙂 Like this one:

I can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

Who knows what life will bring? God does. Can I handle this life on my own? No! He is my strength. He is also my JOY!  Apart from God, I can do nothing, but with Him, I can do ANYTHING. As long as it is His will for me to do. 

Have a blessed day! I’ll be back soon. 🙂


About kandi723

I am a Christian, wife, and mother. I love my life. <3 :-)
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2 Responses to Here we go!

  1. Chrissy Kachadorian- says:

    i love it Kandi i enjoyed it keep blogging you seem very inspirational and lord do i need now..xo

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