Is it a storm? Or just a change in the direction of the wind?

It’s been breezy here most of the day and the wind has been coming from the southwest, where a fire is burning. As a result, there has been a fair amount of smokey air here. I have 2 daughters who have asthma (not severe), so when there are fires/smoke, I am inclined to keep them in the house as needed. Today, they went out a few times, but not for too long, as it was also about 98 degrees. I just prayed that God would protect their little lungs and they would not have any problems breathing (one was a little “wheezy” yesterday)….

We had to go out to pick up my son from work this evening and the weather report said some cooler weather would be headed our way. When we left, I noticed the wind had changed directions and was now coming directly out of the north. I have to interject here that I have never lived in an area where the wind changes direction so quickly or so often! It can be blowing directly from the south, but the clouds are moving towards the southwest. Or the wind is coming in from the west, but there are storm clouds coming at us from the east… weird. ANYWAY, the wind had changed directions. It’s almost as if God said, “ABOUT FACE!” to the wind and just up and turned around! After we picked up my son and headed home (he works about 8-9 miles away), we noticed the wind had really picked up. It was blowing so hard, that driving north on the dirt road to my house, we had to slow almost to a stop because I could barely see the road!

You might think, “good, now the smokey air will be gone!”. And I did think that ~ temporarily! When I went to make sure the chicken coop was closed up, stuff was flying all over the place and I had quite a bit of dirt in my eyes. As we were going up the back steps, all sorts of debris was flying past us and I had to “herd” the kids into the house as quickly as I could, before we were hit by flying objects! (By the way, trying to herd kids is like trying to herd CATS! They never seem to go in the same direction.)

So now, you are probably wondering why I am telling you this and which way do I prefer the wind to blow. Here is the why… The winds are always going to come at us from different directions ~ like the storms of life. When everything seems tumultuous in one area, things are calm in another and vice versa. But suddenly, the “wind” might change. Then we have some sort of situation that is bombarding us from a different direction. In this life, we will experience various “storms”. One may be like a trickle of rain, the next like a category 5 hurricane! Then it just may be a bit of a breeze. Which way do I want the wind to blow? It doesn’t really matter, as long as I remember that God is in charge of the wind, rain, storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes, etc.

“I can do ALL things through Christ, who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

Without God, I am nothing and the winds may as well just blow me away! But with Christ as my rock and my savior, I am able to withstand the storms of this life.


On another, funnier note…..

My 8-year-old daughter (K4 ~ we have 5 people in the family whose names begin with the letter K), wanted this cute little haircut ~ think Edie Sedgwick or Twiggy (both from the 1960’s) . Well, we have a friend who is able to cut hair, but she has been so busy selling a house, buying another house, and working, that I didn’t want to bug her…. SO, I thought, how hard can it be? I mean, I have cut my girls’ hair before (only in a blunt bob cut, but I have cut it nevertheless). Well, I did it. And then the other 2 little girls (K3 ~ age 11 and K5 age 6) said, “Mom messed up your hair”. Wow. Feeling rather sheepish, I called to make an appointment for K4 to have her hair done by a professional tomorrow.  I have to say, it really doesn’t look that bad, but it certainly use a little “cleaning up” around the edges. I don’t want anyone to think I took a lawnmower to her hair!

From now on, I think I will stick to bobbed cuts. And trimming my own (which I have done for years).  😉


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I am a Christian, wife, and mother. I love my life. <3 :-)
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