Instant Cowgirls!

Yesterday, my children & I had a wonderful blessing. Someone in our community gave our name to an organization so my children could receive some school supplies/school clothes! There were several families in our community who received this blessing. I pray they see it for the gift that it truly is. God never fails to provide all that we need. That is not to say He will give us all that we want. There is a big difference between “needs” & “wants”.

After explaining the difference between needs and wants to my 3 little daughters (my son is old enough to understand this concept fairly well), we headed to Target, where we met with the people from the organization who were to “chaperone shop” with each of my children. First my son, then my 11 year-old daughter went off with their chaperones. This left my 2 youngest daughters, both of whom wanted to shop with “the pretty lady, Miss Dawn”. I spoke to the coordinator briefly who said it would be fine for Dawn to shop with both girls if I would be willing to help. I gladly agreed (knowing how my daughters are ~ normal for girls ages 8 & 6). We were able to get backpacks, lunch bags, school supplies, and some clothes. Then we came to the shoe department……

After trying on a myriad of shoes (all of which we put neatly back on the shelves before moving on to the next pair), they both spotted boots. Cowboy boots. Make that cowgirl boots. You have probably guessed by now that once they saw the boots, nothing else would suffice. Each girl only had a certain amount of money to spend, and God being who He is, made sure each had just the right amount for the boots. So, K4 (the 8 year-old) picked out some boots that are fairly traditional looking and K5 (the 6 year-old) picked out pink, girly boots. Now, neither pair are expensive, not leather or anything, but that did not matter one iota (as my mother would say) to them. They just adored the boots!

Last night, at bedtime, K4 stated that she wanted to sleep in her boots (they had not been worn outside yet). I said she could only for one night. Well, it only took about 3 minutes for her to realize it is not comfortable to sleep in boots, so off they went. 😉 However, first thing this morning, the boots were on with here pajamas. And that is what she wore outside to help me with the chickens. K5 saw this, quickly slipped on her boots, and joined us.

Since then, they have been strutting around with their boots on, speaking “cowboy talk” with somewhat of an accent (slow and western). It has been quite entertaining, I must say.

Remember what I said about God not always giving us everything we want? Well, that still holds true. But you never know when God is going to bless you with the desire of your heart. Yes, the girls realize it was God that brought the boots to them, and they are thankful. As am I.

As for the older two? They did receive some great school stuff as well. K3 (the 11 year-old) has a very eclectic sense of style! I told her chaperone this before they shopped. My only request ~ keep it MODEST. The chaperone assured me she would and later told me that K3 never even considered immodest clothing! (Yea!!). I love her choice in shoes too ~ dayglo pink converse low-tops! She assured me she will wear them with EVERYTHING, including the nice skirt she picked out. No doubt.

As for the school year? It will start in 12 days (it’s like counting down the 12 days of Christmas!). To be honest, I am looking forward to school starting as much as they are!


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I am a Christian, wife, and mother. I love my life. <3 :-)
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